Covid-19’s Impact on Foreign Investors and Employees


Covid-19 has made an unprecedented impact on the state of the world. The virus arrived relatively late in Ethiopia in comparison to other countries. As such, the government took preventive measures to decrease the infection rate. The Ethiopian Public Health Institute and Ministry of Health issued a directive for the prevention and control of the pandemic. The directive provides various guidelines to travel and conduct business without forgoing safety and health measures. This article explores Covid-19’s impact on foreign investors and employees traveling to Ethiopia.

The Covid-19 prevention and control directive includes specific measures to safely monitor the arrival of foreigners. The directive prohibits foreigners who have tested positive for Covid-19 from entering Ethiopia.

Additionally, foreigners coming through international airports must :

  • Provide a negative RT PCR test result not older than 120 hours or five days. 
  • Pass symptoms check at the airport’s health control desk. If the traveler shows symptoms of Covid-19, they go to a government prepared isolation center. 
  • Register their address at the airport.
  • Self-quarantine for seven days

The entry regulations also apply to travelers crossing land borders. However, the RT PCR test is not an obligation. Instead, they may self-quarantine for 14 days. But, if the traveler shows Covid-19 symptoms, they may go into isolation and get either RT PCR or RDT test.

Furthermore, foreign investors and employees ought to carry out the precautionary duties provided in the directive. These duties include:

  • Wearing a mask and ensuring customers and employees are wearing masks
  • Observing social distancing
  • Providing sanitary supplies to employees
  • Reporting oneself and others if showing symptoms of Covid-19

All in all, the Covid-19 prevention and control directive provides a set of guidelines aimed at mitigating the impact of the virus. To reduce Covid-19’s impact on foreign investors and employees, travelers should adhere to those guidelines.

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