Have you been thinking of investing in Ethiopia?

We’re here to make your journey a lot easier and help you make an informed decision.

We will break down all the processes you will need to go through in order to establish a successful enterprise in Ethiopia and make sure you know the ins and outs of the business working system in the country.

The stages your investment will have to go through are divided into 3 phases;

 Phase 1: Planning a Business will explore the processes involved in coming into the country as an investor, organizing your plans for a project and applying for the licenses that will allow you to implement them, while

Phase 2; Setting up a Business will walk you through the procedures that are in place to help you realize your vision by implementing your business plan.

And finally Phase 3: Running a Business will assist you in sailing smoothly across the intricacies of the business environment once you’re ready to commence production and take your products and services out into the market.

But before you set out on this venture, you might want to get some insight into the country’s landscape, demographics, investment, and literal climate as well as thriving and growing business sectors from right where you are, you can contact us at portal@investin.et.

… And for you, who is about to set out on this fruitful endeavor; Stay tuned and dive right in…

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